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Saturday, October 16, 2004


  Gotta Go? It's Your Lucky Day!


United Airlines just announced a huge sale for this weekend. For 2 days only, fares on all their North American routes are being reduced.Flights start as low as $59 earch way.

Travel is valid through December 15. You must book Saturday or Sunday only at United.com. Sample Fares (each way, based on roundtrip purchase):

Chicago-Fort Lauderdale ... $59
Denver-Chicago ... $94
Washington D.C.-Las Vegas ... $99
Chicago-Boston ... $99
Phoenix-Washington D.C. ... $119
Seattle-Chicago ... $119
Newark-San Francisco ... $119

Some flights may be served by other airlines, see their website for full details. The best fares are found when purchasing 14 days in advance, staying over a Saturday, and flying during the week. For full details and to purchase through United.com, click here:http://www.travelzoo.com/Newsflash.asp?165443

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