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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


  A Little Dapper Goes A Long Way

I read the New York Times style section faithfully, not because I'm a slave to fashion but because I want to see what the basic trends are for each season so that I can adapt them to my own tastes (and budget!). I am also a fan of traditional styles in clothing--for men AND women-- so for the next few seasons I should be totally in my element.

However, the fall fashion spread above scared me a bit. I love seeing men dressed in dapper "club wear", but this collage seemed to show several good looks gone WAY wrong. When I saw the "green guy", I thought of a recent discussion on Mad Mommy Chronicles ( Blue Hair and Tall Black Socks ). There are some nicely dressed men in the midst of the chaos, but they get lost in the big picture. If people are actually referring to this spread to plan their fall wardrobes, I certainly hope they use a bit of common sense!

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