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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


  I Saw "I Heart Huckabees" Sober...Twice.

Yesterday, my friend Susan and I had our weekly Sushi and a Movie outing while the kids were in school. The sushi was fab. The movie? Not so much.

Since we're fans of the slightly off-beat and quirky (we LOVED "Garden State" last Tuesday), we thought we'd check out "I Heart Huckabees" at our favorite Indie Theater. About half-way through the movie, I leaned over and admitted to Susan that I was experiencing a strong sense of Deja' vu--not that I had SEEN the movie, but rather I had lived through the movie in a previous life as a young goody-two shoes college student dating a recreational drug-using (then) Big 8, hot shot accountant.

The year was 1986 and I was with my then-boyfriend and about 8 of his fraternity brothers at the New Orleans Jazz Festival (a must attend event for me for a dozen years--and then I got married and moved far away. The End.) Everyone was 'shrooming" and X-ing except for me (a recurring theme in my life--the only sober person in the room. My friends are SO lucky that I'm discreet...). I would swear to you that "I Heart Huckabees" is the movie-version of the conversation the guys had sitting in front of the Blues Stage in New Orleans that day. I had lived that movie chapter and verse through the inebriated ramblings of brilliant, but totally wasted, 20-somethings on reprieve from their recently acquired first-jobs-out-of-college careers (obviously, before random drug testing hit the corporate world).

And to think that, being the only person who would have remembered that conversation that day, I could be raking in the dough from all of the people who go see that movie on the recommendations of their friends who are too embarrassed to admit that it only makes sense if you're stoned! Aaauughh, JUST MY LUCK. And THEN to pay good money to sit through it TWICE IN ONE LIFETIME!!! What are the chances?

The moral of this story? Unless you're totally stoned (which I don't recommend), "Just Say NO" to "I Heart Huckabees". And if anyone you know tries to go see it, be a good friend--take their keys away. They'll thank you later.

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