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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


  Purse and Handbag Lovers: Please Remain Calm

Note: All photos in this post courtesy of Bag Borrow or Steal

Prada Calf-Skin Buckle Handbag

My friend Kate (whom I met through a mutual friend, Mr. Netiquette) has introduced me to a VERY dangerous website that I feel obligated to share. This site, Bag Borrow or Steal is much more than a business loaning out designer purses (or as we say down South, Pocketbooks)...it is also a fabulous virtual catalog of all of the latest trends and designers in Handbag Heaven. They carry dozens of designers, from Nine West to Prada--and let you BORROW the bags for as long as you want to keep them, for a monthly fee. Just look at a few random bags that I really thought I might need:

Nine West Cranberry Croc

Christian LaCroix Black Suede and Leather

Doone and Bourke Tassle Tote in Periwinkle
(I'm not usually a big fan of designers who splash their logos about, i.e. LV, but this is REALLY cute!)

UGG Sundance Muff Purse
(This purse also doubles as a muff for those cold winter outings)

Kate Spade Tweed Bag

Carla Mancini Tote
(The perfect working woman's bag--and large enough for a laptop with space to spare!)

Jamin Puech Evening Bag

Worldstock Handmade Floral Handbag
(I loved ALL of Worldstock's bags--might have to "steal" a few for my permanent collection!)

So, hop on over to
Bag Borrow and Steal and see the hundreds of bags you've been missing. You might just decide to Borrow or Steal a few for yourself.

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