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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


  Brooches, Brooches Everywhere

Tall Poppies know that it's not just what you wear that makes your look uniquely yours, but how you wear it. When I want to make a positive and lasting impression on someone, I incorporate something unexpected into my wardrobe. Not shocking, just casually unexpected.

For instance, beads are expected on a top, but are more interesting at the hem of a knee-length skirt or sprinkled around on colorful crop pants. On a rainy day, one expects to find women in raincoats--but mine is a bright limey-sagey green with gold buttons. I wear green rain clogs with "gold" chains across the top that don't match, but coordinate with the coat.

This week, the
NYT Style section has some great ideas for wearing this fall's favorite accessory, The Brooch, in unexpected and spectacular ways. I love the idea of adorning a purse...

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times
Glenda Geis Handbag

a bracelet wallet...

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times
Jewelled Bracelet Wallet from alexandani.com

or a casual cashmere wrap.

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times
White & Warren's hefty-ply cashmere shrug

They also show brooches worn on shoes, fur wraps and vintage-inspired dresses.

When it's too warm for a jacket, I like to wear a long scarf as a belt, knot it to the side and pin a large brooch to the knot.

So use your imagination and add a little sparkle to your wardrobe in a deliciously unexpected way!

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