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Sunday, October 17, 2004


  NYT: The Cat's Meow

Photo Collection Courtesy of Bill Cunningham--New York Times
(Click on photo to enlarge)

THIS is one of this season's easiest, most wearable trends which, when used in moderation, is hard to miss with. AND YET, there are those women who should really consult a stylist every time they step out the door (like the poor diva at the bottom right). With only a TINY bit of style and commonsense, you can look fabulous with the addition of a single animal print. IMHO, animal prints are best when worn paired with other NEUTRAL pieces--a complete feline ensemble (like the one top, second from the left) is OVERKILL. Find a pair of fashionable leopard-print pumps with a coordinating belt to spice up an otherwise ho-hum suit. Or grab a tailored cat print jacket and pair it with jeans. I also LOVE the camisole/purse combo at the top left. Just remember "Everything in moderation" and you'll be stunning!

In case you were wondering, the caption reads as follows:

The Tuileries Gardens in Paris is hardly a jungle setting. But the spotted cat prints that are the rage in the rues showed up beautifully on women going to the collections for spring 2005. It is amazing how they sifted through the styles offered last spring for this fall and pulled out such gems. The prints, often worn as accents, have an affinity for tweeds. Most women prefer their spots in natural colors, but a few favor fluorescent cats.

UPDATE: While I was looking for a leopard print cami/tee like the one pictured above, I ran across THIS top from JCPenney for girls. I am not a fan of sticking teeny-boppers in leopard prints, but this top is PERFECT for a little girl who wants a bit of "the look" in an age-appropriate style. And while you're at it check out this, this and this. Too cute!

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