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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


  The Morning After...

Regardless of the various outcomes --I'M GLAD THIS ELECTION IS OVER ! I hate it when my friends run against other friends (as happened in our Governor's race) and I hate that there is little excitement here on election day because one party always wins more than 80% of the races. However, there were a few bright spots for me personally...

Photo courtesy of VoteHuntsman.com

First, I want to congratulate our neighbors and good friends, Jon and Mary Kay, on winning the Governor's race! Jon's election was no surprise to most, since being a Republican in this state generally makes your election a "Done Deal". And I would have been happy to have the Dems as well, since they are also friends. However, Jon is much more moderate than a lot of people realize (in this state you have to run WAY to the right to win the Repub. nomination), I adore Jon, Mary Kay and their fabulous children, and best of all, I'm excited to have a Southern Belle as First Lady (Mary Kay is from Orlando).

When I was at their house yesterday, the security detail had arrived and Mary Kay was nervous and excited about how things would go. Her sincere nervousness was endearing considering the polls and political realities. I'm excited for them and for our state. I guess the bad news is that between the mini-motorcades that will accompany them everywhere and the streets they close down frequently to tape WB's "Evergreen" down the street, I had best plan on taking the Southern route out of the neighborhood from now on.

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Wilson for County Council

I also want to congratulate Hubby's former Chief of Staff, Jenny Wilson, on her win in our County Council race. Jenny unseated the current Council Chair in this, her first, run for public office. She will be the first woman to sit on the Council. Oddly, though this is a "non-partisan" race, it was well-known that Jenny was the Democrat running against the Republican--HERE! Go Jenny!

And, finally, I want to thank all of the candidates across the country who were willing to step up and make the sacrifice to run for office in the first place. Win or lose, you are what Democracy is all about--giving the American people a choice. If candidates don't run, We The People lose. So, thank you to everyone who voted and everyone who gave us someone to vote for.

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