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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


  SAHM ... Author... Business owner... Cinderella -- Too much for One Day!

Who are the women who "want it all"?

I believe that they must have never HAD it ALL, or they would DEFINITELY reconsider. You see, I supposedly have it all: The high-profile husband, the great kids, the honkin' big house, the fancy cars, the career, the other career, the filled-to-the-brim calendar, etc., etc. You know what else I have? Mushy brains and a house that's a disaster. The mushy brains, I can deal with. The house that's a disaster? That's just too much.

Today, I finally got my 15th book proposal re-write off to my agent. Had to send it to him three different times 'cause I kept finding typos.

My embroiderer called to say that the new Embassy order, the Louisville order, and the Mardi Gras orders are done and ready to be picked up (hear that Sharon and Lois?). Problem? I have to find time to pick them up, invoice them, and ship them.

Two dresses for newborns must be finished and mailed out by this weekend. Those babies could come any day.

Two little boys want my constant attention, food on the table, and clean underwear (which I insist that they wear whether they want to or not).


However, hubby tells me today that the contractors are coming back on Thursday morning to examine (for the FOURTH TIME) the damage that was done to our interior walls when the roofers messed up our new roof immediately prior to a 24 inch snowfall earlier this year. Hello!? Our second floor (where most of the water damage is) is such a disaster that I haven't allowed anyone who is not an immediate family member or under the age of six upstairs since June! Not because of the water damage, mind you, but rather because it has been that long since I actually cleaned up anything other than MY room and dressing room.

Aside from the fact that I have re-written my book 14 times since January, attempted to keep my linens and heirloom clothing business running, been an involved parent at school, church and home, done my civic duty, and tried to keep my sanity with a little bit of recreation time... I HATE CLEANING HOUSE! I HATE IT! Which is why I ALWAYS had a housekeeper before I married someone who finds them "unnecessary".

Now, I have two days (filled with other deadlines, as well) to clean the entire upstairs well enough that I would allow ANY ADULT to traipsy through it! I can't even see the floor in my office, the sitting room is a total disaster, the boys rooms are a lost cause... I can't even begin to figure out where to start!

I have decided that it is just more than any woman should have to bear. Therefore, being the good Southern girl that I am, I prefer to play like Scarlett and think about it tomorrow. I have gone to Blockbuster and rented a four-episode DVD of Sex and the City. I will watch an hour of SATC on TBS (I LOVE TUESDAY NIGHTS!) while I clean in the sitting room. Then, I will retreat to the theatre and watch my SATC DVD. I MAY fold laundry while I watch it, or maybe I won't.

What I WILL do is relish my memories of the good ol' days when I was single, lived alone, had a housekeeper, went out and played any night I wanted, had a fabulous job that was more like a constant party (complete with a secretary who did all the stuff I didn't want to do)... and I will procrastinate to my heart's desire.

Then, tomorrow...
*I will explain to my husband that there is NO WAY I can do all of this. I will remind him that those men have already seen these walls four times and even THEY should know what needs to be done by now.

*I will ask him to clean half the rooms on the list (which really won't be half the work since my office alone is more than 50% of the problem).

*And I will once again remind him why I told him before he bought this house ("as a SURPRISE" after I had told him that it was a fabulous house, but way too big for me) that I WOULD HAVE TO HAVE A HOUSEKEEPER!

As he is cleaning the boys rooms and at least one bathroom, he will perhaps remember why only I get to decide when we will have "upstairs guests" (since that is where everything gets thrown when we have downstairs guests!).

Whew! I feel better all ready! Blogs really are therapeutic!!!!

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