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Sunday, August 15, 2004


  You Heard It Here Fir...er...Second!

Well, the story I tripped upon yesterday regarding notorious Capitol Hill blogger Jessica Cutler did, indeed, show up in today's issue of The Washington Post. 'Nuff said about that.

Now, I have to wonder...who is this rather weedy "Married Mean Girl" who copied the Post story word for word onto her site a full day before it was printed in the SUNDAY EDITION? And, most importantly, why would a woman write a blog like hers, detailing her exploits with numerous men, none of whom are her husband? Yes, her husband is mentioned in virtually every post, it's simply that there are no exploits with HIM.

What would she have to gain by tapping out her sad story online? She seems to live in DC since I recognize the names of many of her "hangouts". DC isn't a city that rewards loose lips, generally. It's also a town that has seen and heard just about everything. You have to be really cutting edge (as Ms. Cutler was) to get attention for an affair, or two, or more. DC has now had it's run with a blogging sex pistol. So what is MMG aiming to achieve?

If she's looking for a book deal, eh...I don't think so. Between Cutler and the girls at SATC, she's so "yesterday". So what WOULD make a married woman want to write an explicit expose' of her extra-marital exploits for everyone in the world to read? Testing the waters for a work of fiction? In desperate need of counseling? Desperate SOS?

And how DID she get her hands on a Sunday edition feature story the day before it ran? Is it all a big hoax that everybody knows about but me? Should I call DC tomorrow and figure out what kind of scam I just stumbled into here? I know that there are many women out there writing blogs like this, but this one just seems odd--even by blogging "standards". Hmmm...so many points to ponder. I'll try to work it all out while watching Women's Gymnastics. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the subject.

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