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Monday, August 16, 2004


  Suited for Change

The link above will take you to the website of a fabulous organization in DC, Suited for Change. I love to see people and organizations who embrace the Tall Poppy message that beauty is more than skin deep, and success and happiness should go hand in hand. Not only do they give women in need make-overs and professional business attire to wear for job interviews; but through their professional development seminars, they help women learn what it takes to retain their jobs and continue to advance in their careers.

Kudo's to Suited for Change for responding to the needs of so many women in the DC area who are learning that it isn't just a business suit and new hairstyle that prepare a woman for success. It really is what's inside that matters most.

Below is the WP story about the "Pink for Prada" party held last Wednesday to benefit Suited for Change.

In the Pink for Prada

Once in a while, cotton candy is the perfect accessory. More than 100 women celebrated Prada's new perfume by wearing pink -- lots and lots of pink -- at Wednesday's benefit for Suited for Change, which gives professional clothing to low-income women. "I dug out all the pink I owned," said the organization's executive director, Mary-Frances Wain, sporting a pink necklace, top and shoes.

But wait -- there was more! The launch party at Neiman Marcus at Mazza Gallerie featured Pommery Pop pink champagne, pink drinks, cotton candy as well as crab cakes and tacos (thankfully not pink) from Palette restaurant. Lucky drawing winners nabbed (what else?) a pink Prada purse, a pink bottle of eau de parfum, and Prada's new very hip and very expensive handbag charms.

Guests included Suited for Change board members Kathleen Matthews and Debbie Dingell, and Neiman Marcus honchos Martha Slagle and Patti Cumming, who were all tickled . . . pink.

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