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Sunday, January 09, 2005


  THIS Is Why America Is So Polarized...

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Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is the major reason America is so polarized today. It is hard for political leaders to impose their own purported moral, ethical, political and philosophical beliefs on a country that is so diverse. But if, as with our Revolutionary forefathers, it is done in the best interests of the nation--AND if the proponents themselves exemplify by their own lives their willingness to follow their own dictates--the pill is MUCH less bitter to chew. However, if you are going to expect others to live up to YOUR expectations, then by golly, you'd better be walkin' the walk yourself. If it's good enough for the rest of us, it should be good enough for YOU, too.

Well, today I was reading the Washington Post's Reliable Source column and saw a disturbing quote from arguably the most vindictive, abrasive and divisive political character in our country today. I'll now add "hypocrital" to that list of adjectives. The Reliable Source reports:

"If your resolutions for 2005 include winning the Iditarod or a face-off with a grizzly bear, you would do well to pick up the February issue of Men's Journal, which has tapped some big names for a feature called "How to Win at Everything." And for Beltway types, everything means everything: Karl Rove tells how to win the White House..."

"...Rove... suggests killing with kindness. "Have respect -- for the voters . . . and for your opponent," Rove writes. "He or she is probably running for a lot of the same reasons you are. Don't let yourself dislike him; people will pick up on your hostility, and it will hurt you."

Furthermore, Rove says of a politician's vibe: "It better be real. Voters can smell phony. Make your campaign about big things you believe in. If you really care about an issue, it'll show." That's Karl: Keepin' it real!"....

The Reliable Source makes light of Rove's blatant hypocracy. But THIS is why America is so divided. Weeds believe that the end always justifies the means--as long as it's THEIR means and THEIR ending. And they will never read The Memos, OR attempt to put what they claim to believe into action. They want to tell everyone else how THEY must play the game, but they don't follow their own rules. Is it any wonder that Tall Poppies who really ARE playing by the rules get tossed into the same box as Weeds by those who are on the outside looking in? It's sad. The "Roves" of the world make it awfully hard for Tall Poppies to get respect from the masses. And worse? I think that they honestly believe that they are in the right....

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