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Sunday, August 01, 2004


  A Lovely Time Was Had By All...

The wedding of Andelyne Paul and Ben Romney was lovely--Jann and Andelyn did a beautiful job making certain that everything was perfect. The reception was held outdoors at the Paul's home and the mountain weather and curious lack of mosquitos were divine. The receiving line wait wasn't horrid, and was made pleasant by the serving of wonderful, cool drinks and delicious appetizers to those who were waiting.

The bride and groom make an adorable couple. Andelyne's dress was spectacular--under-dress of silk with an over-dress of hand-embroidered English netting lace that swept to the back into an ethereal train. The bridesmaids dresses were also lovely and made of cream and soft aqua silk. I was thrilled to see the children in heirloom clothing -- little boys in cream button-on suits with soft aqua buttons and piping, little girls in mid-yoke dresses of cream with pintucks and embroidery.

Once we made it through the receiving line, the dinner was scrumptious--yummy summer salad, a barbecue salmon that was cooked to perfection (not easy to do on a buffet), a brilliant assortment of a dozen or so fruits that were layered four-tiers high, and an equally prolific assortment of sweets, including my favorite--chocolate-covered strawberries.

The guests were an interesting assortment of neighborhood friends of the Paul's and professional friends of both the Paul's and Governor and Mrs. Romney (who have lived in Utah on a couple of occasions, including during the Olympics). All in all, it was a lovely send off for the young, happy couple.

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