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Saturday, July 31, 2004


  Loose Ends...

Last night as I was sitting at my computer busily setting up Tall Poppy Diaries, it hit me that I had a few loose ends that I should be tying up rather than taking a crash course in HTML (unsuccessfully, I might add). For instance, there is the matter of the wedding of Gov. Romney's son, Ben, to my friend Jann's daughter Andelyne...TONIGHT.

To Do List:
1) Find babysitter for two rambunctious boys, at last minute, for a Saturday night
2) Find appropriate, thoughtful, unusual and useful gift for the oft-feted couple in 6 hours or less

3) Find appropriately elegant eveningwear for wedding: Not TOO showy, not TOO bland

And then, of course, there is the matter of the re-do of my book proposal. Hmmm...told agent not to send it out again until I had made a few changes.

4) Proposal re-do to Kellee and then Howard by Monday.

Better get my timeline in order:

Clean house (4 hrs.)
Run to Blockbuster (30 min)
Find something for Boys for dinner (30 min)
Find gift (2 hrs)
Find something in closet to wear (30 min)
Presswhat I am going to wear if I find it on the floor of the closet (likely--20 min)
Shower (15 min)
Manicure/Pedicure (30 min)
Dressed and Bejewelled (20 min)
Pick up babysitter (15 min)

Good thing I did the time line--something's got to go. Scratch "Clean House". Will ask Mom to come over--the first floor is relatively put together, and she won't go upstairs. GREAT PLAN! And it buys me FOUR BONUS hours. Oops, make that THREE bonus hours, after I straighten the first floor AND the theatre (I had to sort the laundry SOMEWHERE for our two-week cross country jaunt--haven't gotten around to putting anything away yet). Still, I'm in good shape time wise. Now, off to the races!

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