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Sunday, January 09, 2005


  Princess Orange Poppy

Hi and Happy New Year! Where has the month gone? I had promised Pink Poppy that as one of my New Year's resolutions I would start posting and low and behold it is already January the 9th! But such is the life of a Tall Poppy.

Let me introduce myself, I am the infamous (I would rather say famous) Orange Poppy although I am referred to as Princess by some, a nickname I now have grown to embrace. (All the pieces of my matching Vera Bradley "Ming" luggage bear colorful Mary Engelbreit luggage tags that say "The Princess of Quite A Lot".)

When people I know (I hesitate to use the word "friends". Friends don't make fun of someone else in front of others so they will get a laugh. Tall Poppies don't do that either, to friends or to foes) first started calling me Princess, it hurt my feelings. I thought it meant that I was stuck up or conceited which I am not. I found out from those who are friends that the reason most people call me Princess is because I am prissy. (I don't like to do icky things and my earrings always match my necklace.) And it is much better to be called Princess than to be called Queen. Queen has the connotation of being demanding and being entitled. Princess is just Daddy's lil' girl.

The reason I am an Orange poppy has nothing to do with the fact that I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and greenish skin that looks better when I wear orange than hot pink. It is because of a certain Southern university that I have grown to love over the last 20 some odd years. My blood doth runneth orange and, hence, the name.

Many, many years ago I worked one summer for a wonderfully eccentric gentleman who hunted boar, played polo, wore knickers to work on occassion and wrote using a quill pen-ink well and all. In letters that he wrote, he never abbreviated Mr. preferring to spell it out Mister (Dear Mister so and so) and always ended his correspondence in the following way:
I remain

And so do I.

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