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Friday, January 14, 2005


  On Saying No

Another of my New Year's resolutions was to no longer do things I didn't want to do. I was having a grand time doing things I loved to do and with no guilt: watching movies with my husband and son in our pj's, re-arranging things in my house, going through old magazines, and generally doing anything I didn't HAVE to do.

I started off boldly. My husband and I were invited to several New Year's Eve parties that we always go to, parties that used to be fun but now feel more like an obligation. (Does anyone really like kissing someone else's husband at midnight...???) We made our regrets and celebrated the arrival of the New Year together alone.

My next time to practice was when my mother asked me and my husband to go out of town to visit my aunt (my Daddy's only sister and living sibling) who had broken her pelvis. I knew what she really meant was that she wanted us to ride with them. I agreed to go but in a seperate car.

I was very proud of my new-found bravery. I could say "No" with no guilt. Then it happened. A friend asked me if I would teach a class for her at a meeting, a meeting I was not really planning on attending, a meeting that was that evening. I said "yes, of course."

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