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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


  On The Tenth Day of Christmas, My Blogsite Gave To Me...

Ten Lords A-Leaping--Bloggermouth Ken, Genuine, Kudzu Files, Orient Lodge, Perspicuous Musings, Sigmund, Carl & Alfred, The Moderate Voice, Muzikdude

My Ten Lords A-Leaping have earned places on my tree because they come to Tall Poppy Diaries, share their perspectives, and are secure enough that they are undeterred by the profusion of girl talk and PINK. I have always had very close guy friends, and my little place on the web wouldn't feel like "home" without them.

Bloggermouth Ken is a balanced guy--not afraid to delve into such weighty matters as developing his own blogging software and the loves and travels of Napoleon's...um...manly parts, and at the same time sharing irresistible lighter fare for those with a hectic schedule. Genuine? Does he really need an introduction? I didn't think so... And do I need to explain why HE would be on my tree? Didn't think so... OK, next up is Harry! Harry and I share a love of politics, the South, and SEC Football. And he's SUCH a great sport! Remember that three hour shopping spree we took to The Gap a few weeks ago? Hubby could learn a thing or two from Harry. Patience and a sense of humor? Must haves for the men on my tree....

Aldon is a fellow politico, as well. He doesn't come around as often as Harry, Jay, Gen and SC&A do, but we visit one another occasionally. Truth be known? I really just want to play with Fiona...But her father's a nice guy, too. And Jay! I think that his frequent marriage proposals are partly responsible for Hubby's pleasantness of late. Earrings and a fabulous brooch for my birthday? Beefed up cell phone for Christmas? I think I owe it all to you, my precious Jay. Thanks! (We won't tell Hubby that you propose to ALL the girls, ok? shhh...)

Sig, Carl and Al--I can't tell you how pleased I am to have all THREE of you commenting here on a regular basis. My family will be so pleased to know that I'm finally getting the help I need. And Carl? Thanks for bringing S & A along. I've always known that YOU had the finer tastes in women AND fashion... And Joe, who sent more than 60 readers to my site yesterday to see "The Christmas Card" AFTER I had already decided that I should perhaps pull it down (30 searches for that card from gov't offices yesterday morning made me nervous. But, CNN evidently agrees with my assessment, so up it will stay). Joe, you're my political guru. And I am so proud of you for winning the Wizbang awards! And, finally, John. We only met yesterday, and you're not even on my blogroll yet. But since you're sick AND because you actually left a comment yesterday rather than just lurking like most of the other guys, upon the tree your ornament shall rest!

Thanks guys! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I hope your New Year brings you lots of readers and a book deal. 'Cause really, isn't that what you all want anyway? Crossing my fingers for ya'!

And now (drumroll please...), on to the Incredible Shrinking Lists...

Things I Should have done yesterday, but didn't:

  1. Put in ALL of my nominations for the BoB's.
  2. Get the "Girlfriend Presents" wrapped and delivered.
  3. Take Daddy's favorite clothes to the Dry Cleaners.

Things I actually DID get done yesterday (FINALLY):

  1. Adspace for the BoB's? Done! Thanks Gen. And Michele....
  2. Those cards and checks for the siblings and their families from Mom and Dad? DONE!
  3. Christmas Tree? DONE!
  4. Daddy's Laundry? DONE!
  5. Went to bed at 9 pm!

Things I DID yesterday, but shouldn't have:

  1. When that guy called yesterday and asked for Hubby by the name he actually goes by AND I recognized his voice? I should have asked who it was before I said, "Yes, he can come to the phone. But it may be a few minutes. He's on the floor. And tangled up in Christmas lights. And he's old. He really shouldn't be sitting on the floor. It may take him a few minutes to get up. And then he still might not be able to walk to the phone. Wait just a second...let me take the phone TO him, or he might not be able to talk once he gets up anyway. OK. Here he is..." Ya' know that guy in the picture with Fiona? Yeah. It was him. TMI? Verbal Diarrhea? Guilty as charged...
  2. Opened that second 1 LB. bag of M&M's

Things I have done today:

  1. Wrote this post.
  2. Made breakfast (first)
  3. Took a shower.
  4. Read THIS article from the New York Times entitled, "In 2004, Prim Looks Foretold The Mood". Yep. And you should read it, too. See? There IS a connection between fashion and politics...

Things I have not done today, but (must) should:

  1. Submit the second installment of my nominations for the BoB awards.
  2. Make Nine "Ladies Dancing" ornaments (only finished 3...).
  3. Make Ten "Lords A-Leaping" ornaments.
  4. Make cookies for Christmas Cookie Decorating Spectacular on Thursday.
  5. Wrap Christmas presents.
  6. Wrap and deliver "Girlfriend Gifts".
  7. Take Daddy's clothes to the Dry Cleaners.

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