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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


  On The Ninth Day of Christmas, My Blogsite Gave To Me...

Nine Ladies Dancing: Always Victoria, Aussie Mama, Bard Sinister, Do You Have That In My Size, Elisa, Jenniy, Magnificent Octopus, Mile High Diva, Sass

My Nine Ladies Dancing will be sparkling on my tree because they make me laugh, and think, and...oh, yeah,...on occasion, they even make me wanna DANCE! Vickie always makes me want to be a better person. And after finding out that I was a narcissistic, self-centered "Bright Star", I need obviously need all the help I can get. Aussie Mama makes me laugh my fanny off...Oh, but wait. Can't say THAT to an Aussie, either. Hmmm...Aussie Mama makes me laugh until I cry. How's that, AM? The Bard is a fab writer (here's her OTHER site), a clever wit, and surprisingly crafty with the "beads". Denise is an inspiration. If I had HER willpower I would once again be a Size 6. Elisa is a witty wonk. She keeps me humble. Every time I go to her site, I am reminded of just how much I don't know. That's a GOOD thing, right?

Jenniy is young, in love, has a FABULOUS new site, and is free as a bird. I remember those days....ahhhh...Now where was I? Oh yes. Ahem. Magnificent Octopus. Magnificent Octopus is SO funny. And bright. She's like the intelligentsia--with humor. Mile High Diva is a recent find. She and I share a love of many things. Among them? Cosmetic products and wonderful, homemade soaps. And Sass? OH MY! Do NOT miss Sass' current run of fab beefcake shots. They are on a limited run, and going fast. Still waiting for my two favorite Brits to pop up, though. Are they there yet? Nope.

And now (drumroll please...), on to the Incredible Shrinking Lists...

Things I Should have done yesterday, but didn't:

  1. Put in ALL of my nominations for the BoB's.
  2. Figure out what the heck to do with my adspace for the BoB's.
  3. Get a Christmas Tree (completely) decorated. GEEZ!!! (day EIGHT!...but I'm SO CLOSE)
  4. Remembered that we had to go to Provo for a party and that I wouldn't be able to do all of the things on my list.

Things I DID yesterday, but shouldn't have:

  1. Put the trifle that I whipped up at the last minute in my favorite Tiffany Trifle bowl to take to the party.
  2. Let Hubby carry the bubble wrapped Tiffany bowl to the car after the party. Bubble wrap, shmubble wrap...

Things I DIDN'T do yesterday that I wanted to:

  1. TOTALLY finish decorating the tree (not a WORD out of you, little miss...)
  2. Take Son 1 to lunch (had to rush back to make a trifle)
  3. Yell at Hubby for breaking my favorite trifle bowl (Thank GOODNESS that I was late for my IM meeting with Gen, my media consultant extraordinaire. Or Hubby? He would have been SOOO creamed...and he wouldn't feel HALF as badly as he does now that I just said, "It's okay. I gotta get upstairs to the computer now....")

Things I have done today:

  1. Wrote this post.
  2. Made breakfast (first)

Things I have not done today, but (must) should:

  1. Write Christmas cards and checks for Mom and Dad's Christmas gifts to siblings. We've already gotten one "reminder" phone call. Aaaarrggghhh!!!
  2. Submit the second installment of my nominations for the BoB awards.
  3. Figure out what the heck to do about my adspace for the BoB's. By the way, Have you reserved YOUR adspace yet? (UPDATE: That Genuine guy? He is SUCH a Genious! The ad? DONE! )
  4. Finish decorating the Christmas tree. (Not a WORD, I say....)
  5. Make Nine "Ladies Dancing" ornaments.
  6. Make cookies for Christmas Cookie Decorating Spectacular on Thursday.
  7. Take Son 2 shopping. But not to lunch since that would convince Son 1, without a shadow of a doubt, that Son 2 is INDEED the favorite just as he has assumed since the day Son 2 arrived on this earth.
  8. Ya' know the Christmas boxes that are screaming to me from the attic? It's time to bring (at least a couple more of) them down!

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