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Friday, December 17, 2004


  On The Fifth Day of Christmas, My Blogsite Gave To Me...

FIVE GOLD RINGS: Annie, JCanuck, KJ, Michele, and Kate.

  • Four Calling Birds: Girl From Florida, Sam, Pink Sun Drops and Princessr9
  • Three French Hens: Amber, Cecilia, and HESTER!
  • Two Turtle Doves: Invisible Poppy and Orange Poppy (who sit around and look pretty, but add surprisingly little to the conversation)
  • And A Partridge In a Pear Tree! MOI'! Oh, and did I mention he left me a year older, too?

"5 Golden Rings = The first Five Books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch" which contain the law condemning us of our sins"

My Five Golden Rings are my blogging buddies whom I feel closest to. Sorta the "inner circle". They have been "around" here the longest, and are the most faithful about stopping by to chat or, as Annie says, "Pass notes in class". And best of all, as naughty as I am sometimes, they have never once condemned me--to my face. What a downer THAT would be. However, I do pretty much take anything they tell me as "Gospel", so there IS that....

Annie was my first blogging friend, back when I had "0" comments and 5-7 readers a day. She introduced me to both JCanuck and KJ. Annie is SOOO close by (she's only HUNDREDS of miles away) that she feels like a neighbor. I should be so lucky. But until we decide to move next door to one another, I'm thinkin' that a roadtrip (one way or the other) is NOT out of the question. Annie, Inv. Poppy and me? Could be fun!

JCanuck and I are kindred spirits in many ways. We're separated by 10's of thousands of miles and many time zones. But sometimes when I'm up at ridiculous hours of the night working, say around 2am here, and I feel alone, I check my Haloscan. And then e-mail. And then sitemeter. And I KNOW without a doubt that J is around then--sending me a note, posting a comment or just reading posts and catching up. And the day that she posted this? Son 1 and I could not REST until she posted this! Time zones are the pits!

KJ makes me laugh...SO hard! I think it's a very good thing that we live 2,000 miles apart, because she brings out my repressed naughty side. I don't think that Utah could handle both of us together. And I am CERTAIN that Hubby wouldn't survive it. And so, we just make do with what we have--the internet. Though last year, I DID come up with this insane idea to take my children on a week-long train trip to and from Chicago JUST because the tickets were $69 round trip! (By the way, we had a BLAST!) I'll be checkin' out Amtrak this spring....

And, Michele. Oh my... WHERE to begin. I'm proud to say that she was my friend BEFORE she was MICHELE!!!! Actually, I suspect that she's ALWAYS been MICHELE!!! The rest of us were just clueless as to her full potential. Regardless, we are now stuck together to the grave because...well...once you share secrets that will follow you to the grave? That "Buyer Beware" phase of your friendship is pretty much over, isn't it? And anyone who would wear the "pink taffeta dress with the big honkin' ruffle and bustle. With the dyed to match shoes AND the long, frizzy hair"? That's not someone you cast aside like yesterday's paper. So, we'll just have to muddle through for the rest of our lives, best as we can....

And then there's Kate. The sweet, adorable, Bridgette Jones-esque little sister. Bless her heart. She's so cute, and pitiful, and strong, and invincible, and fragile, and naughty, AND nice. You have to LOVE. HER. Any day, she's going to find her Prince Charming--and he had better WATCH OUT!!! She makes me laugh. She is SO honest I often wonder if she is going to look back and wonder "What In The World Was I Thinking?" But I always feel like we're sitting in the middle of the floor eating pizza in our pajamas, talking and laughing, when I read her posts. And REALLY, people...what is better than THAT?

So THANKS, girls. I just adore you. And I know that when everyone else pops by to see you and spread their Christmas cheer, they'll understand why...

Oh, and to the reader who dropped me a line explaining that the 12 Days are actually the 12 Days AFTER Christmas? Yes. I know. But who is going to want to see my office tree on January 6th? And what if I hadn't had 12 Days of lists to help me get my act together? But thanks for the tip, just the same ....

And now (drumroll please...), on to the Incredible Shrinking Lists...

Things I Should have done yesterday, but didn't:

  1. Tell HUBBY to "Find something OTHER THAN TOYS for hubby to give the boys for Christmas." (now THAT'S a good plan...)
  2. Put in ALL of my nominations for the BoB's.
  3. Figure out what the heck to do with my adspace for the BoB's. (Still lookin' for suggestions. Anyone?)
  4. Get a Christmas Tree decorated. GEEZ!!! (day FIVE...)

Things I DID yesterday, but shouldn't have:

  1. Ate a HUGE lunch at Bambara, complete with the yummiest chocolate banana desert on the planet, and then STILL got my Junior Mints at the movie.
  2. Stayed up until 11pm when I SWORE to myself that I would get to bed by 9.

Things I have done today:

  1. Got children off to school.
  2. Wrote this post.

Things I have not done today, but (must) should:

  1. Get showered and dressed (preferably BEFORE I have to start my mad dash across the valley to buy birthday presents, get kids to playdates and birthday parties, and get SOME shopping done in the 1 1/2 hours I will be childless).
  2. Buy birthday presents for The Little Red-Headed Girl (I SO want her to marry Son 1) and The Little Red Headed Boy (no relation to aforementioned 10-year-old DIL-to-be)
  3. Get children across the valley to playdates and birthday parties
  4. Go see Daddy. Hmmm...tricky.
  5. Submit the second installment of my nominations for the BoB awards.
  6. Remind Santa to deliver some Reese's cups (the mini's) to Amber. Bless her heart...
  7. Make "Five Golden Ring" ornaments.
  8. Ya' know the Christmas boxes that are screaming to me from the attic? It's time to bring them down!

Now, how are you doing on YOUR lists? When you comment, tell me something Christmassy that YOU'd like to accomplish today. OK?

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