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Monday, December 20, 2004


  On The Eighth Day of Christmas, My Blogsite Gave To Me...

Eight Maids A-Milking (with a focus on the "maiden" part rather than other less-than-lovely double-entendre's): My Favorite "Mommy Blogs": Been There, Bunny Burrow, Busy Mom, Fighting Inertia, Mad Mommy Chronicles, Purple Goddess, Sands Through The Hourglass, Suburban Bliss

  • Seven Swans A-Swimming: My Seven Favorite Christmas Carols
  • Six Geese A-Laying: Six Hours of Creation--of a spectacular Christmas Tree! Five Gold Rings: Annie, JCanuck, KJ, Michele, and Kate.
  • Four Calling Birds: Girl From Florida, Sam, Pink Sun Drops and Princessr9
  • Three French Hens: Amber, Cecilia, and HESTER!
  • Two Turtle Doves: Invisible Poppy and Orange Poppy (who sit around and look pretty, but add surprisingly little to the conversation)
  • And A Partridge In a Pear Tree! MOI'! Oh, and did I mention he left me a year older, too?

Back when I used to have time to surf blogs other than my favs (back, oh...say...a month ago...) it would make me a little sad to read some of the Mommy blogs out there. They're always sweet and precious and loaded with photos of adorable children (and you KNOW how I love that!). Yet, there was something missing from most of them. THE MOMMY! I don't mean the woman cleaning house and changing diapers, and cooking supper, and...and...and.... I mean THE SOUL INSIDE THE BODY OF THE WOMAN WHO IS DOING ALL OF THOSE THINGS.

Two weeks ago, Sig, Carl and Al were talking about Mommy blogs and the lack of balance that a lot of women have in their lives. I left the following comment. (Michele was in there as well, but not as a "Mommy Blog"...):

"... you are dead-on regarding Michele and Busy Mom. If you don't enjoy your life, what's to think anyone else will, either. There are a few Mommy blogs that I read every day. The rest? NOT!

I am a Mommy, but I hope that my children will look back and think, "Our mother loved us. She adored us. And she was realistic. She cherished her life and ours equally. She lived in the moment AND with great foresight. She showed us the world, but never lost hers. She balanced her life with ours and made it look easy. We didn't like it when she left on trips "with the girls", but it gave us one-on-one time with Dad that we might not have had otherwise. All in all, she was a great mother AND a great woman, and she lived life to its fullest with grace."

Too optimistic? Probably. But I never want to lose MYSELF-the person I really am--in my children, only to wake up one day when they're gone and realize my entire world walked out the door with them. I think balance is good, but more rare than it should be. Busy Mom and Michele have it--in spades."

I don't care HOW adorable those pictures are, if you have no soul left at the end of the child-rearing assembly line, I'm just not interested. In order for others to care about you, you have to set the example by caring for yourself FIRST! That old adage about putting your own oxygen mask on and THEN helping others (including your children) with theirs? Crucial. Vital.

My favorite Mommy Bloggers are an interesting mix of all of the ingredients that make one healthy, semi-sane woman. If you can't take time to ENJOY life--really breathe it in--every single day, then you've got some rearranging to do. My Favorite Mommy Blogs remind me and their other readers every day that you CAN be an interesting person AND a great mother. It really can happen! So thanks, my dear maidens, for letting me peek in your door every day to see what you've got going. You're all an inspiration!

And now (drumroll please...), on to the Incredible Shrinking Lists...

Things I Should have done yesterday, but didn't:

  1. Put in ALL of my nominations for the BoB's.
  2. Figure out what the heck to do with my adspace for the BoB's. (Still lookin' for suggestions. Anyone? I'll offer a very clever reward to ANYONE who will help me figure out what to say in my ad!!!)
  3. Get a Christmas Tree (completely) decorated. GEEZ!!! (day EIGHT!...but I'm SO CLOSE)

Things I DID yesterday, but shouldn't have:

  1. Something really naughty and downright awful. I could hate myself for it...
  2. Took this test and found out that I am nothing but a self-centered, narcissistic "Bright Star". I thought I had SO much potential to be SO. MUCH. MORE.... (Note to self: Retake test--change a few answers--see if there is any hope for a reconciliation with myself.)

Things I have done today:

  1. Wrote this post.

Things I have not done today, but (must) should:

  1. Write Christmas cards and checks for Mom and Dad's Christmas gifts to siblings. We've already gotten one "reminder" phone call. Aaaarrggghhh!!!
  2. Submit the second installment of my nominations for the BoB awards.
  3. Figure out what the heck to do about my adspace for the BoB's before I talk to Gen tonight. By the way, Have you reserved YOUR adspace yet?
  4. Set up IM so that I can talk to Gen tonight.
  5. Take Son 1 Christmas shopping. He wants Abercrombie and Fitch clothing for Christmas. HE's NINE, for Pete's sake. Will walk 10 steps ahead of him to check for unnecessary sightings of "Pete"... and "Dick" ...oh, and "Jane"...oh and NUMEROUS sets of "Twins" plastered about on A&F walls.
  6. Buy an eyemask for Son 1 to wear during A&F shopping extravaganza. Hey! Don't judge. I often choose clothing based on the way it feels...
  7. Finish decorating the Christmas tree.
  8. Make eight "Maiden's NOT milking" ornaments. Whew!
  9. Ya' know the Christmas boxes that are screaming to me from the attic? It's time to bring (at least a couple more of) them down!

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