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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


  It's the Second Day of Christmas--And Still No Turtledoves

First, thanks for all of the nice compliments you gave me on the pics of LAST YEAR'S Christmas decorations. And please don't be disappointed if you happen to pop over for a chat this year and find a more "subdued" display. Because, yes. I am, indeed, off to a bit of a slow start. The Christmas decorations are still in the attic. However, I do have a VERY clear sense that my Inner Christmas Goddess will be arriving tomorrow. I don't know HOW I know this. My nose IS itching. It could just be the lingering cold, or it could foretell the upcoming visit. But just sensing that she's on her way is a good thing.

In preparation for ICG's pending arrival, I began putting together a list of things that MUST come down from the attic. I will be putting together a (hopefully) attractive, yet simpler assemblage of holiday decor this season. This should lessen the likelihood that half of my decorations will still be on the dining room table when Susan visits from Australia in February (as Invisible Poppy made a point of reminding me Sunday night). You see, last year I aimed to have all of my Christmas decor put away by Valentines. I made it BEFORE Easter. So this year, I'm shooting for MLK Day. Good plan.

Speaking of, one of the really wonderful things about leaving all of your Christmas ornaments spread out on the dining room table for three months is that it gives your friends an opportunity to peruse and admire them without those pesky pine needles getting in the way. And one of the things that I find surprising is that many intelligent, well-educated people HONESTLY believe that there are "things" that Members of Congress and the President's administration have access to that the general public does not. For instance, I have dozens of White House, Congressional and Supreme Court ornaments that are SPECTACULARLY beautiful--that I buy just like everybody else.

Now sure, there are a few little "things" like these little boxes of M&M's that the President hands out during White House meetings

that are difficult to come by unless you happen to be at the White House. In a meeting.

Or these nifty little bottles of Korbel that bear the Presidential Seal that my friend Tricia and I stuffed our coat pockets and purses with one time when we were sitting in the President's box at The Kennedy Center.

(The President wasn't with us, and neither was Hubby, or we would have had to behave. The Secret Service guy told us to help ourselves to the mini-bar. So, obligingly, we did.)

But, by and large, the other interesting "official-looking" momentos that we have are available to the general public. You can still get them in time for Christmas. AND most are surprisingly affordable.

For instance, these White House ornaments (you can still buy the ones that date all the way back to the Reagan's), or these Capitol Ornaments, or these from the Library of Congress. You don't have to be an attorney to fall in love with these FABULOUS ornaments from the US Supreme Court.

So, go ahead. Grab a few "official" ornaments for your own tree. Trust me, everyone who sees them will think you have some "in" with The Big Guy. Your secret's safe with me....

Now, as for THOSE LISTS.... Hmmm. Well, let's see, shall we?

Things I have done today:

  1. Got children off to school WITH their homework.
  2. Found out that my husband has actually considered inviting two of our neighbors (two couples) to join us for dinner on my birthday! (this shocking turn of events numbed my brain for 30 minutes and left me incapable of functioning until the phone jostled me and I...)
  3. Took a call from a client who wants the order she never paid me for.
  4. Wrote this post.
  5. Attempted to explain to Hubby for the umpteenth time why blogging is worth the time I spend doing it. On THAT note, Michele, your FIRST e-mail last night? VERY helpful.
  6. Took a shower.

Things I Should have done yesterday, but didn't:

  1. Take a shower
  2. Finish two of my last three orders
  3. Finish the My Publisher books.
  4. Find something OTHER THAN TOYS for hubby to give the boys for Christmas. Only Santa is giving toys in THIS house this year.
  5. Put in ALL of my nominations for the BoB's. (only got half-way done last night).
  6. Figure out what the heck to do with my adspace for the BoB's. (Ideas anyone?)
  7. Get around to THE REST of my buddies' blogs to check out what's shakin'.
  8. Get a Christmas Tree decorated. GEEZ!!! (day two...)

Things I have not done today, but (must) should:

  1. Go to the hospital to check on Daddy BEFORE his heart surgery today.
  2. Get dressed (preferably BEFORE I go to the hospital).
  3. Finish my last two orders.
  4. Finish the My Publisher books.
  5. Submit the second installment of my nominations for the BoB awards.
  6. Remind Hubby that one of the couples he is "considering" "possibly" inviting to dinner the day after tomorrow for my birthday is preparing to move into the Governor's mansion in three weeks. They might be a little busy. He might want to make that call now. Like NOW! (If the "proposed" dinner isn't a surprise to ME, does it really need to be a surprise to the GUESTS? Mars...Venus....)
  7. Get the boys to and from their final Nutcracker performance. Yes. I may get a bit teary. And your point is...?
  8. Go pick up a copy of The Salt Lake Tribune. That would be my little boys in that thar link I just put up there! How serendipitous that I found that....
  9. Oh! And WAIT! I almost forgot--remind Santa to deliver some Reese's cups (the mini's) to my poor friend in Belgium who begged ALL of her stateside friends for a bag of her favorite morsels at Halloween. To no avail. Not. One. Bag. And now she's sick. Thank goodness for Santa....

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