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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


  Have You Seen My Third French Hen?

"On the third day of Christmas, my blog site gave to me:"

Three French Hens: Amber, Cecilia, and HESTER!
Two Turtle Doves: Invisible Poppy and Orange Poppy (who sit around and look pretty, but add surprisingly little to the conversation)
And A Partridge In a Pear Tree! MOI'!

Last night, I was pulling out the bags of "new Christmas stuff" (bought in September) that I (successfully) hid in the sunroom, away from the keen eyes and ears of our resident tax attorney/penny pincher who, having enjoyed our ever-expanding collection of Christmas decorations for 4 months last year, would most certainly think we already had plenty. Anyway, when I pulled them out, I spied yet ANOTHER package. Hidden beneath a different chair was a small bag containing three "French Hen" photo ornaments that I bought in APRIL in which to place the photos of my adorable French godchild, Victoria, her sister and brother so that their magnificent faces can adorn my tree.

As I placed their photos in the ornaments last night, I began to think of other French people I know. And how I can't understand French. And how I'm glad that THEY are bi-lingual. Which made me think of Amber in Belgium, who tries to be bilingual. And of Cecilia, who lives in French-speaking Brussels. And then of my "12 Days of Christmas". And how today would be "Three French Hen" day. And how, if I were categorizing ALL of my favorite bloggers into "The 12 Days", I would only have TWO French hens--Amber and Cecilia (who are both Americans)-- since I have ANOTHER day in mind for JCanuck, who has a house in France (but doesn't live there. And isn't French). But work with me here.... (I didn't get enough sleep last night, did I?)

But I came up with a plan last night that has put me in the Christmas spirit. I hope it will help you, too. I have swiped the small Christmas tree that usually resides in the stairhall and put it in my office. I am going to make ornaments every day to signify the "12 Days" and add the names of my favorite bloggers to the ornaments--Starting today with "Three French Hens". Though, right now, I only have two (not SO French) hens--Amber and Cecilia.

Sooo... Do you live in a country where French is the official language? Or even an area (like Brussels) will work. Do you speak French? Know someone who's French? Own a hen? Any of these will do.

I am accepting applications for this prized position beginning now. First person to comment with a viable connection to either France OR Hens will be my third French Hen. As for the other days, I will keep a running list up at the top. On Christmas Day, I will take a picture of the tree and post it for the world to see. You do NOT want to be left out.

UPDATE: WE FOUND THE MISSING HEN! Go say "Hi" to Hester (who was actually BORN in France and lived there for 3 years! How authentic!)

Also, in the spirit of one of my "Five Golden Rings", Michele, I want to ask that you go to the sites of those who are that days' "Christmas Gift" and leave a cheery message for them. Something along the lines of "Happy Holidays!" or "You're a LOVELY hen!" or "Girls who say "Merry Christmas" in French are sexy!". Let's all work together to share the TRUE spirit of the holidays.

Now, as for those OTHER pesky lists...

    Things I Should have done yesterday, but didn't:

    1. Finish my LAST order.
    2. Finish my LAST My Publisher book.
    3. Find something OTHER THAN TOYS for hubby to give the boys for Christmas.
    4. Put in ALL of my nominations for the BoB's. (probably won't happen until this weekend).
    5. Figure out what the heck to do with my adspace for the BoB's. (Still lookin' for suggestions. Anyone?)
    6. Get around to THE REST of my buddies' blogs to check out what's shakin'. (I have LOTS of friends!)
    7. Get a Christmas Tree decorated. GEEZ!!! (day three...)

    Things I DID yesterday, but shouldn't have:

    1. Spent seven hours online. WHAT?
    2. Something wickedly WONDERFUL and gosh darn wrong that I now must live with for the rest of my life and, unless revealed by others (at which time I will take FULL responsibility for evoking the most hideously unfair and totally irresistable prodding line ANY girlfriend would ever force upon another: You know. The "PLEASE do this one thing for me! I would wear the pink taffeta bridesmaid dress with the huge ruffle around the shoulders for YOU. WITH the bustle. AND the dyed-to-match shoes. AND, AND the big, boofy, frizzy hair pulled to one side with the big, taffeta bow at my ear. I would do THAT for you" line? The one that NO girlfriend can resist? Yeah, that one. I feel SO bad...) , I will take to my grave.

    Things I have done today:

    1. Got children off to school.
    2. Wrote this post.

    Things I have not done today, but (must) should:

    1. Go to the hospital to check on Daddy.
    2. Take him the clean clothes he asked me to bring him Sunday night (which he reminded me of yesterday, which I still forgot last night because it wasn't on my "list").
    3. Get dressed (preferably BEFORE I go to the hospital).
    4. Finish my LAST order
    5. Finish my LAST My Publisher book. (These really are going to be SOOOOO awesome! And they don't take long to make. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cooper. You saved me this year.)
    6. Submit the second installment of my nominations for the BoB awards. (On hold for the weekend, probably, unless I finish #4 and 5 REALLY fast).
    7. Remind Santa to deliver some Reese's cups (the mini's) to Amber. Bless her heart...
    8. Make "Three French Hen" ornaments.
    9. Get OFF the computer and on to tasks 2-5. Pronto. So HURRY and submit to be the French Hen, so I can get on with it! Ya' hear?

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