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Thursday, November 11, 2004


  "Blog It Forward" Day

Yes, Kelly strikes again, with this post...talking about this post about "Blog It Forward" day, which is when you dedicate a post to linking your readers to a few of your favorite blogs and telling people why you love them. Good plan. Share the love, I say. So here are my picks, in no particular order:

Annie in Montana--My first blogging buddy. Annie was already a seasoned veteran when she took me under her wing and introduced me to Mad Mommy Chronicles, JCanuck, and the virtual universe that IS Rance. The rest, as they say, is history. Annie is a fabulous writer. She is also a fabulous blogger in her spare time. When I read her blog, I feel like I live next door to her...but truth be known, I doubt her neighborhood could handle that.

Kelly at FFS--Kelly is one of the coolest girls on the block! She tells it like it is. She's genuine. (Not Genuine, Gen. The adverb, man! The adverb....) Kelly has the ability to take the most mundane non-event and turn it into the most hysterical thing you've heard (or read) all day. I have a few blogging buddies whom I actually refer to as "my friend _____" when I am talking about them to my friends in the Real World. Kelly is one of THOSE friends. I adore her....

JCanuck--Another of my "First Friends". I love her stories of her life as an ex-pat living in Africa, and now in Cairo. She makes me feel SOOO worldly and exotic. However, it's her spirit that shines through the stories of dusty roads, potholes and man-killing monkeys that makes her so unique. She can tell a story in such a way that I can smell, see and hear all of the places and characters vividly. I feel like I'm there. Yet, she seems like the Girl Next-door. Amazing.

Dooce--I have read Dooce for a while, but only admitted it publicly two weeks ago. You would have to be in my shoes to understand why this might be an issue. Anyway, she's a Southern Belle like Moi'. We now live in the same adopted hometown. We have a few similar issues. And she can say all sorts of things about those said issues that I just can't. In essence, my wicked side lives vicariously through her. Plus, her little Leta is sweet enough to eat. 'Nuff said.

The Moderate Voice--I love him. He keeps me sane. He humors me. He's like my political Dooce. He says (almost) everything I want to say politically so that I can write about Lilly Pulitzer, pink TechnoTunes watches and my favorite purses for fall and leave the other half of my soul (yes, my political side is THAT BIG) to him. Plus, once when he linked to me, I got about 200 hits from him. AND, he's a ventriloquist. What's not to love about all that?

Michele Agnew--She is my newest "First Friend". She is SOOO hip and cool. Plus, not only does she think I'm cool too, but she honestly thought that I was Australian. For like a MONTH! Seriously! I LOVE that. You know how you always hear about bloggers who get book contracts to print their posts? That'll be Michele! And since I was reading her when she only had a few comments per post and now she averages about 50, I like to think that "I knew her when..."

A few other favorites? A few who EVERYONE has on their lists like Rance (now starring Rubber Duckie), Genuine and Amberbamberboo. Some up-and-comers on my personal list of every-day reads, like Kate, Bunny Burrow, and Chasmyn. And one whom I love who is TOTALLY under-appreciated is artist/blogger Aisle Twelve...and check out her cool links list, too.

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